We are here to inspire, uplift, and motivate you to have the most wonderful life that you can imagine.  Through our own experience, and by learning from some of today's most inspiring leaders, we have learned the  Law of Attraction and other teachings. Our desire is to share what we have learned with you.  Everything you want is all available for you. Through our Workshops and Seminars,  Mastermind Groups, Cheerleader Coaching and articles, you will find your way to create whatever you want.  

  • Our workshops and  seminars are held throughout the year. We offer motivational workshops and seminars live in White Plains, NY. We offer online motivational workshops and seminars as well. We offer live and online EFT seminars. We also do live EFT seminars for corporations. We offer JASI family workshops which are groups that meet once a month for an entire year.  Contact us for additional information. 

  • Our mastermind groups are organized to help motivate and uplift all members of the group and motivate one another. We offer a life focused group and a business focused group. Each group meets for 4 consecutive weeks. Contact us for additional information.

  • Our cheerleader coaching is one on one coaching to support you and encourage you in the pursuit of your dreams. Our coaches give you the boost that you need to head in the direction of your dreams. Sign up or contact us for additional information.

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