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What if it all goes right?

Christine Didomenico

Access Concsiousness

Barbara Wilder

Prosperity from the Heart

Ash Cash

10 Laws to Financial Freedom

Stephen Lane Taylor

Row Row Row Your Boat- Guide for living in the Divine Flow

Jean Slatter

Hiring the Heavens

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Breaking the Cycle Seminar 

Are you stuck trying to live your own life but keep doing what others expect of you? Are you living your life based on what is in your heart? Are you afraid to say "no"? Breaking the cycle, what does that mean to you? It could mean anything, from something huge like domestic violence, to  deciding not to go to college, just because everyone in your family has done that or becoming a vegan when everyone in your family eats meat. It is your life, you get to choose what it means for you. And it can change day by day, minute by minute , in small ways or big ways.


Crystal Cunningham, Daniel Amis, Kells Barnett Aqui, Ali EL. Sedecah Powell, Angel Swangant


Ben Schwarcz, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist, Transformational Coach,  Teacher, and author of the book: Tapping for Joy: Meridian Tapping and  Mindfulness for Depression


Forgiveness Teleseminar


Eileen Epperson, Brad Yates, Jane Lattimer, Dayle Deanna Schwartz, Marna Thal, Taylor Tagg, Cecily MacArthur, Mary Hayes Grieco, ,Keith Zaffren, Jennifer Hadley, Paul Mannell.


September 16, 2010

​ "Clearing the Coflicts of Family Money" Teleclass with Internationally known EFT financial specialist Margaret Lynch and Barbara.


February 6, 2009

Andy Dooley Live In Person- Spiritual Comedy

White Plains, New York

March 14, 2009

Tami Gaines and The Women's Wealth Initiative Preview

Fort Lee, New Jersey

September 26, 2009

Live Your Best Life Seminar


Diane Spizzirro and Jaime Alpert - Success Image Career Counselors 

Kathalynn Davis - Dakota System for Successful Wanting Having vs Wanting Special Workshops. 

​Dr. Robert Flower- The Gilchrist Institute, the Secrets of Achievement

​Linda and Patrick West - Life2Dreams teaches the specific tools to manifest what one truly wants to experience life through exercises and activities.

​Bryan Golden - Dare to Live Without Limits.

​Ellie Walsh - Living the Law of Attraction White Plains, New York

Since 2007

Conducted mastermind group sessions on how to apply the principles of Law of Attraction.