Motivational Workshops


Do your employees need a little motivation to keep them in the right frame of mind to do a great job?  

How about you?  Do you need encouragement and support to keep you focused on what really matters in life?  Being happy and positive to make your life fabulous?  

I am taking my act on the road, anywhere within a 25 mile radius of White Plains, NY.   

For 3 or more, I will come to your home or office and give you some of my best tips and practices that I have learned from amazing teachers, to encourage , motivate, and keep you on that vibrational track for success and a happier more joyful life.  

For more information email Barbara at:

EFT Seminars

I fell in love EFT and have been practicing it on my own for a number of years.  My company Joy and Success International has put on Law of Attraction and personal development seminars in White Plains, NY since 2007.  Since finding and loving  EFT I am expanding into developing EFT seminars and workshops  as well.  I am not a practitioner. I work with practitioners to set up workshops and speaking engagements. I am always  looking for new EFT practitioners to work with who would like to speak and teach groups.

I run group workshops and coordinate corporate workshops to teach tapping. Right now having several more practitioners on board would be great as I am finding businesses to work with I will have some top notch people to go and teach them tapping.

If you are an EFT practitioner and are interested in working with our Joy and Success International  team (JASI for short), please email Barbara at:

If you are a business, a group or organization  interested in a workshop, please email Barbara at:


Let's Manifest JASI Family Workshops


Let's Manifest JASI Family Workshops are monthly group workshops on how to apply the principles of Law of Attraction using the manifestation exercises in our blog.  The JASI family moderator teaches about the Law of Attraction, and leads the exercises and the discussions. As a member of a JASI family you teach and learn from each other, support and cheerlead for each other, brainstorm ideas and a little bit of networking. What we do in each 2 hour session:

  • Open with a short meditation.
  • Discuss the topic.
  • Do the exercise or activity.
  • Have opportunity to share our work.
  • Help any members who are stuck doing the exercise, 
  • Discuss our manifestations for the month, 
  • Discuss any inspiration we received during the month. 
  • Discuss any opportunities and synchronicities we encountered during the month. 
  • Discuss any challenges coming up.
  • Discuss Law of Attraction in general. 

Sign up is $60.00 for a 12 month package. We meet once a month for 12 months. Each month's session is 2 hours.  The schedule would be the same each month to make it easy for all members to block out the time. For example, the first Tuesday of the month, etc . Many sessions will be offered. Pick the day that works for you.

For more information email Shelley at: