JASI Petites

For people that don't know me, Barbara Mayrsohn, I am a short, petite woman. At my highest height when I was about 16 years old, I was 4 feet 11.5 inches. Being short never really bothered me too much for most of my life, after all I always heard good things come in small packages, but as I get older I want to preserve my height as much as possible, still be able to look and feel good in my body and in my clothes. 

My mission is to create a  world for Petite Women to feel beautiful inside and out.

Fashion, Feel Good, and More


I am creating JASI Petites for a variety of reasons.

The first reason is about buying clothes. I have never been a great shopper. I used to shop with my mom, but she died in 2007, so you can imagine my sad wardrobe. Back then though, there were a lot of options out there, Petite boutiques and large Petite departments at department stores, so it wasn't that difficult to find clothes. Now everything is online or mostly everything.

I am working on finding a designer who can design clothes for me and branch out to have a line for you out there. I am not model thin and even though we are petite we still come in many shapes and sizes. I am working on having a physical store as well as online.

Another reason I created JASI Petites is to reach out to petite people so you can have a voice about how you feel about being short. Not just about being short, but how you feel in your body, how you feel about yourself. It is definitely an important topic. Do you have a good body image, feel good about yourself or struggle to feel good about yourself?

If you are like most women out there you may not have the best body image and I want to be able to have a safe place to discuss your thoughts and feelings about being a petite woman via workshops, seminars, online forums, etc.


I've been manifesting for JASI Petites and now taking the first steps of inspired action to get the ball rolling. I'm inviting you all to please join me on this journey that we have created for ourselves of being a petite woman and see where this new division of Joy and Success International leads us. 

Send me an email at to tell me your thoughts and concerns about being a petite woman and how I can help you feel beautiful inside and out.

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Ask, Believe Receive - 5 Steps to a Great "ASK"

To manifest JASI Petites, I of course had to create a great ASK. Using Shelley's exercise in her Let's Manifest blog 5 Steps to a Great "Ask" this is what I put out there to the Universe.

Claim your Ask

I am in the process of attracting all that  I need to create a Successful JASI Petites Boutique


Boutique specializing in petite clothes for women

I'm so excited to meet with my designers today

It's exciting to hear how many people are feeling great when they shop here

I'm making so much money 

I'm enjoying the great seminar going on in the boutique today 

I love talking to customers about the Helen Wolf store that JASI Petites now occupies in white plains 

I look and feel cool and confident when I go see corporate clients for my seminar and workshop business

 I look and feel cool and confident when I lead my mastermind groups


Having JASI Petites makes me feel accomplished 

It makes me feel great to help women go out and enjoy life more

I feel good about being short

Be an example of a short woman who can succeed on the dreams she has

How Women can be successful in what they are excited about in life

I saw the need for clothing options and confidence building for short people

Serve Others

I will be creating lots of jobs

Be a good example for what is possible for women

Specializing in making petite women feel great

Specializing in helping women get out there in the world


I appreciate the clothes in my closet 

I appreciate that I have a vision

I appreciate the people helping me make it happen

I appreciate that I know I create my own life and I'm going for it 

I appreciate my open mind

I appreciate living in this country and being able to have an American dream


Ask, Believe, Receive - Scripting

To manifest JASI Petites I also did Scripting. Scripting in a powerful manifestation technique in which you write out your life story exactly how you want it to be, or write about a particular thing that you would like to manifest into your life. Write your story as if it has already happened, focusing on how you would feel when your desire manifested. Be sure to keep it positive and try to have as much fun as possible. This is what I put out there to the Universe.

Did you hear the news?  JASI Petites and JASI Petite seminars are amazing. The store in White Plains is always mobbed.  The online store is also selling out.  Barbara Mayrsohn is the Duchess Megan and Kate of the petite world. The stylists and help are absolutely amazing, the clothes are beautiful and the makeup and makeover people are just doing such a fabulous job.  All the women who come in are so happy and feel so good.

And in line with that her seminars of feeling beautiful no matter what size or how old you are are selling out like hotcakes.  It is amazing that Barbara got this idea when she was 66 years old and it didn't take off till she was 68 but right out of the gate, with angelic guidance and help she nailed it

Unbelievable how successful JASI Petites has become.  Barbara learned Spanish and can now speak fluently to all her petite Spanish speaking customers. Not to mention all the celebrities that are petite that are great customers.

On a side note, Barbara's net worth is soaring thanks to all her success, not only her net worth but everyone associated with the company.  It is amazing.