Cheerleader Coaching

How many of you have wonderful support in your life? How many of you don’t have support? Have you given up your dreams because you did not have anyone cheering you on?


What is cheerleader coaching?

In my life the one thing that I have come to realize is that support, encouragement, and having someone believe in you is probably the most critical thing that people need to thrive. I know from my own life, that when I had a cheerleader on my side, I did fabulous things in my life and when I didn’t have that and felt very alone , not much was accomplished.

Here at JASI, we want to turn all of that around for you. We may not have any brilliant things that we can teach you about your dream, there are much more educated people in different disciplines to do that, but the one thing we are very good at is supporting and encouraging and cheerleading.

Let us be your cheerleader. We are offering one on one coaching sessions. Not for years and years but for weeks. We want to just give you that boost that you need to head in the direction of your dreams. Whether it is a business idea that will bring in millions of dollars or piano lessons we want to support you in helping you to believe in yourself and to take the action needed to make it happen.

I supported a client who wanted to become a nurse. She never finished high school needed to get her GED, then a college degree, then a nursing degree. To be honest I had no idea how to make any of that happen, I just believed in her and encouraged her and she made it happen for herself.

So let us do the same thing for you. 4 sessions, once a week for $125.00 a session. It will be enough to get you on your way to live your best life. You can always come back if you need a little more encouragement, but start with 4 sessions or even just 1 or 2 sessions and see what happens.

We believe in you and will cheer you on to live the life that you always wanted.

For more information about Cheerleader Coaching or to book your sessions at $125 per session, email Barbara at: